Distorted knowledge is essential to the existence of current power structures; control over information lies in the hands of those with access to computing technology that is able to shape it. This same technology enables a massive manipulation of affects that deploys misrepresentation, distortion, and corruption as principal tools. In Autoimmune, a non-human entity speaks directly to the audience, problematizing distorted understandings of HIV, queerness, and disease. It gains agency over data, distorting images from archives, and animating archival figures to sing. Composed with machine learning processes for generative video and sound, including deepfakes, the piece explores uncanny relations between politics, technology, emotion, and illness.


Made in collaboration with Douglas McCausland (music composition) and Ian Kirkpatrick (creative coding).


Autoimmune, MFA Thesis Exhibition, group exhibition, 2020
Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum at MSU, East Lansing, MI
Stills from video.
Video / Installation (generative AI processes and 3D ambisonics sound)
10 minutes
Worked as
Writer, director, producer, editor