“An androgynous blond(e) figure meanders in frantic stop-motion zig-zag around a sun-baked wheat-field; there are glints of horror in the protagonist’s eyes, as if s/he were being chased by someone… or something. Quickly rushing through noisily reverberant corn rows, the full form of the figure is gradually revealed.
Kopilović’s crisp digital photography follows the protagonist closely, rapidly navigating a landscape of saturated green and yellow colours. We eventually arrive at a puddle of mud, and now an ecstatic transformation begins. Covering the bare body with mud, limbs are revived: a magic potion, an empowered embalming. This powerful queer performance does not shy away from revealing all: closing on the serene sunset over the plains of Vojvodina, the exposed body rests exhausted in the middle of the field; a blissful unity of fragile innocence amid the roughness of nature.”
Marius Hrdy for Jigsaw Lounge

26th European Film Festival Palić, official selection, 2019
Program: Young Spirit of Europe
Subotica, Serbia
Flummoxed, curated group exhibition, 2019
Kresge Arts Center, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

Lost Sheep

Serbia, 2019
Video, 7:30 minutes

Made during artistic residency in experimental film at the 26th European Film Festival Palić, Subotica, Serbia.