War and military metaphors are present throughout the spectrum of mediatic, cultural and artistic production during the pre-protease inhibitor days of the AIDS epidemic in the United States. In this video, the machine is trained on images of a face and of war such as explosions and weapons, trying to find things in common between images of face and of war, so it can generate a merged identity. We are always left somewhere in between, looking at formal and chromatic distortions of a face where the abstraction evokes lesion and destruction. Composed with machine learning processes for generative video, the piece asks us how metaphors of war help shape our understanding of identity and disease, and it signals the destruction that might derive from biased computer systems.

Autoimmune, solo exhibition, 2020
Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum, East Lansing, MI

War Face

United States, 2020
Video, 6 minutes

Made in collaboration with Ian Kirkpatrick.
This piece derives from Autoimmune.